29 05 2009

so, i haven’t spent any money, REAL money, on anything in, oh i dunno – forEVER.  and because i’m still crying over spilt milk, i.e. the house they wouldn’t sell me, and because there is NOTHING out there even remotely affordable in a safe neighborhood, i’ve decided to spend money on other stuff.  might as well make my current surroundings better.  as soon as i got the dreadful news about the bank not wanting to deal with an FHA loan, i bought a bed frame from west elm.  it was on sale.  woodbedfrme_white_F08_080828095203_ViewInColor_heroand then i bought a rug at anthropologie.  it was on sale. DSCF0630 i bought it for my bedroom, but think i’ll throw it in my living room for now.  DSCF0622also took out my lazy susan heywood wakefield coffee table and replaced it with the norway tray table.  it’s smaller and makes the space more roomy.  and it’s WAY LIGHTER to move when i’m doing my mad abs/weights/yoga/for-the-love-of-god-fight-that-aging-thing-at-all-costs workout routine. 

and then i bid on something i certainly don’t need on ebay, cloth cocktail napkins, and i won.  the napkins were hardly a big ticket item, though.  they had a rooster design on ’em and i thought my rooster martini glasses would look nice with a rug underneath ’em.DSCF0628and they do, right?

i’m doing my bit to save this economy and i would really really really like to do more, like, BUY A HOUSE, but cripe.  what more can i do?




2 responses

31 05 2009

Have you got your bed set up yet? Are you sleeping off the floor?

1 06 2009

bed back-ordered til end of july now. just about figures.

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