80 degrees and SUNNY

30 06 2009

it’s a miracle.  it’s my day off and the weather has cooperated.  i will say yesterday (also my day off) ended up being a beautiful day after a slow start.  overcast for most of the day and then *poof* –  like magic  –  we had sun and warmth.  and i had peeked at the 10 day weather forecast and it hadn’t looked promising.  those clouds with rain showers icons on EVERY day.   my point is, it’s the first time i’ve opened my windows for any length of time and let some fresh air in.  in ALL the rooms.  and oh, say, in 15 minutes, this was the result of an open window:DSCF0743a wind gust blew my plant right off the ledge and busted in a million pieces.  this is how my life works.  i have to PAY THE PRICE for nice weather.  it’s never easy, i tell ya.

began the stripping process of my ugly decoupaged table.   























and i scraped:DSCF0741


and i scraped some more:DSCF0744

and that’s as far as i got today.  but there IS a nice little pattern on the top of the table and i think, if i can figure out what i’m doing, i think i’m going to have a fine piece of danish woodwork.DSCF0745

can you see what i’m talking about?                                                                                        DSCF0746i can’t get over how excited i get over a little side table.  but this is my life now.  this is what gets my blood flowing.

prior to seeing kathy griffin the other night, we stopped at a little wine bar and i opted for a flight of pink sparkling wines with our tapas selections.  oh, everything was so TASTY and i’ve had pink sparkling wine on the brain since then.  picked up a bottle of  pink prosecco raboso tonight and it just hits the spot.  DSCF0747oh i love summer.  i love summer weather.  i love summer weather on my days off.  i love my days off.  i was meant to be rich.   

yup, a rich chick who drinks cheap booze “a delicious light pink colored sparkler that displays fine bubbles loaded with aromas and flavors of sweet cherries and fresh pink strawberries.  it is light to medium bodied, lively, fresh and explosively fruity.” 

and who shops goodwill.  oh, it’s my dream.



29 06 2009

some folks like to rescue a stray animal.  me?  i can’t be responsible for another living creature.  but today i decided to rescue a table at goodwill.  now, some like a painted piece of furniture.  with decoupage.  and i’ll fess up.  even i’ve been known to decoupage a chair or stool or lampshade or picture frame back in the day.  but never anything of value.  strictly junk.  a discarded chair here.  a cheap lampshade there.  it was the 90s.  it’s what you did.  you decoupaged.  mod podge was your friend. 

and so today i found this:    DSCF0723 DSCF0727     DSCF0728DSCF0726                                                                                                                                                                  

bad, right?

i laughed to myself and rolled my eyes, as i instantly became nostalgic about my mod podge days.  but then, as i was walking away from that craft beauty, i took notice of the table’s shape and said, “wait a minute, wait a minute – i like the shape of that table.”  i picked it up, turned it over, and – it’s tough to read – but i saw “made in denmark.”  did someone get all crafty and mod-podgy with a teak danish modern table???  if so, i think this could be teetering on criminal.  DSCF0730




now, please, i may have been guilty of going overboard with some decoupage, but i never was a tacky stencil gal.  (was i?)  and i’m not sure i get the connection.  a 50’s diner and ballet shoes?  anyway, i’ve got a summer project now.  bought a can of paint stripper and can’t wait to see what’s hidden beneath the paint and decoupage.  i have NO CLUE how to refinish a teak table – i’m sure there’s danish oil involved.  is that it?  stripping, sanding, oiling?   i’ll have to bone up.  stay tuned… 

and oh yah, found this too.  for next to nothing.DSCF0721DSCF0722 selandia norway pewter bud vase.

i know.  awesome.


26 06 2009



this is where i spent my evening. 



no, i probably don’t have to tell you.  you can tell by the high quality photos.  i’m at a kathy griffin show.  if you’d like to hire me as a photographer for your next special event, feel free to email me.


oh, and by the by…..chick is funny.

ninja weapons

24 06 2009


ok, no they’re not.  they’re heavy iron danish candle holders, but i say they can double as a martial arts weapon in the event of a break-in.DSCF07092 for 79¢ 

i love it when the goodwill pricers don’t know what they’ve got.  (and those toy soldiers in back – that was holed up in some dime store frame.  i took the frame apart, me being the clever detective i am, and lo and behold, vintage handmade-in-denmark greeting card.)  out of the store in under 2 bucks.

less pessimistic?

19 06 2009

there seems to be more inventory out there for homes all of a sudden and the prices of homes continue to drop.  ok, i’m feeling a little better.  a little more hopeful.  kinda.DSCF0687_edited

this is today’s art installation of the ever-present shopping cart in my ‘hood.  today we have the five cart grouping, an unusually large and rare sighting.  i generally only spot a random one or two carts scattered about.  this collection of five makes me feel especially lucky today.  not to mention the temps have actually made it into the 70s and the rain has subsided (for the time being.)  i’m playing lotto.

field trip

17 06 2009
5 dollar pillow from the as-is bin at IKEA

5 dollar pillow from the as-is bin at IKEA

there is nothing quite like some afternoon sunshine and a field trip to ikea, with a stop in between to the nicest goodwill in the state, to step up my mood.  it’s about an hour drive for me and i timed it exactly right with the sunshine and the zero traffic.  not hitting traffic is clutch in that area.  there always seems to be a jack-knifed truck wreaking havoc somewhere on that stretch of the highway.  but not yesterday.  yesterday was perfect. 

retro drink pitcher found to match some glassware i already owned

retro drink pitcher found to match some glassware i already owned

i’m currently in the process of putting together one of (2) cabinets i bought and i got stuck when it came to putting on the top piece.  what the?  i’ll get it eventually, but man, something you figure might take you a half-hour turns into a frustrating several hour project with parts strewn all over the place.  had to take a break and go look at a house-for-sale that i didn’t really like all that much, save for the fireplace.   

and there goes that good mood…

some progress…

16 06 2009

…on my back room (which used to be strictly storage.) DSCF0670there’s breathing room in there now.  i used to have a “before” picture of this room that was beyond scary and i must’ve deleted it.   too bad, cuz it would’ve sent shivers down your spine. 

so, yes, back to breathing room.  only trouble is – that there coffee table with the beautiful swedish table runner is a $10 find.  some vejle-stole-og-møbelfabrik-made-in-denmark gigantic coffee table (oh – that was fun trying to squeeze that into my ford focus hatchback.)  it’s still got that thrift store smell.  so instead of being able to breathe with all my new breathing room, i find myself sneezing a lot back here.   but sneezing in wicked danish style, baby.

*UPDATE* – found a “before” picture.  don’t judge me. 

back room "before"

back room "before"