29 06 2009

some folks like to rescue a stray animal.  me?  i can’t be responsible for another living creature.  but today i decided to rescue a table at goodwill.  now, some like a painted piece of furniture.  with decoupage.  and i’ll fess up.  even i’ve been known to decoupage a chair or stool or lampshade or picture frame back in the day.  but never anything of value.  strictly junk.  a discarded chair here.  a cheap lampshade there.  it was the 90s.  it’s what you did.  you decoupaged.  mod podge was your friend. 

and so today i found this:    DSCF0723 DSCF0727     DSCF0728DSCF0726                                                                                                                                                                  

bad, right?

i laughed to myself and rolled my eyes, as i instantly became nostalgic about my mod podge days.  but then, as i was walking away from that craft beauty, i took notice of the table’s shape and said, “wait a minute, wait a minute – i like the shape of that table.”  i picked it up, turned it over, and – it’s tough to read – but i saw “made in denmark.”  did someone get all crafty and mod-podgy with a teak danish modern table???  if so, i think this could be teetering on criminal.  DSCF0730




now, please, i may have been guilty of going overboard with some decoupage, but i never was a tacky stencil gal.  (was i?)  and i’m not sure i get the connection.  a 50’s diner and ballet shoes?  anyway, i’ve got a summer project now.  bought a can of paint stripper and can’t wait to see what’s hidden beneath the paint and decoupage.  i have NO CLUE how to refinish a teak table – i’m sure there’s danish oil involved.  is that it?  stripping, sanding, oiling?   i’ll have to bone up.  stay tuned… 

and oh yah, found this too.  for next to nothing.DSCF0721DSCF0722 selandia norway pewter bud vase.

i know.  awesome.




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