80 degrees and SUNNY

30 06 2009

it’s a miracle.  it’s my day off and the weather has cooperated.  i will say yesterday (also my day off) ended up being a beautiful day after a slow start.  overcast for most of the day and then *poof* –  like magic  –  we had sun and warmth.  and i had peeked at the 10 day weather forecast and it hadn’t looked promising.  those clouds with rain showers icons on EVERY day.   my point is, it’s the first time i’ve opened my windows for any length of time and let some fresh air in.  in ALL the rooms.  and oh, say, in 15 minutes, this was the result of an open window:DSCF0743a wind gust blew my plant right off the ledge and busted in a million pieces.  this is how my life works.  i have to PAY THE PRICE for nice weather.  it’s never easy, i tell ya.

began the stripping process of my ugly decoupaged table.   























and i scraped:DSCF0741


and i scraped some more:DSCF0744

and that’s as far as i got today.  but there IS a nice little pattern on the top of the table and i think, if i can figure out what i’m doing, i think i’m going to have a fine piece of danish woodwork.DSCF0745

can you see what i’m talking about?                                                                                        DSCF0746i can’t get over how excited i get over a little side table.  but this is my life now.  this is what gets my blood flowing.

prior to seeing kathy griffin the other night, we stopped at a little wine bar and i opted for a flight of pink sparkling wines with our tapas selections.  oh, everything was so TASTY and i’ve had pink sparkling wine on the brain since then.  picked up a bottle of  pink prosecco raboso tonight and it just hits the spot.  DSCF0747oh i love summer.  i love summer weather.  i love summer weather on my days off.  i love my days off.  i was meant to be rich.   

yup, a rich chick who drinks cheap booze “a delicious light pink colored sparkler that displays fine bubbles loaded with aromas and flavors of sweet cherries and fresh pink strawberries.  it is light to medium bodied, lively, fresh and explosively fruity.” 

and who shops goodwill.  oh, it’s my dream.




2 responses

4 07 2009

Love the table- I just bought a mid-century dining table this summer. I’m a furniture stripping fiend, and I got this tip from an antiques dealer- to get the last of the paint off is to dip steel wool in denatured alcohol mixed with varnish remover. (The nasty runny liquid kind) Once everything liquifies, use a paper towel to wipe off the sludge. It should clean up great, although there is a lot of paper towel, rubber gloves, steel wool waste. Some teak oil and voila!

4 07 2009

THANKS valerie!!! i LOVE a helpful hint. or 2 or 3. haven’t had time to re-attack my stripping process of late, but will keep this info handy for my next free time off…

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