31 07 2009

DSCF0878_editedlike, how could i not buy it?  do i need it?  well, no, not really.  but for 10 bucks i was kinda forced into it.  i’d seen this coffee table in the thrift store when it first came on the floor weeks ago for 20 bucks.  for $20 i didn’t need it.  but today was the last day for green tag items to be half-price.  and she was green.  that’s 6-1/2 days being half-price patiently waiting to be scooped up.   what i can’t figure out is why no-one else bought this mid-century coffee table.  it’s a baumritter (ethan allen.)  good solid piece of furniture.  i mean, 10 bucks.  you can’t buy a martini for 10 bucks these days.  come on.  someone had to save her.  i’ve old-englished it and even turtle-waxed the top and it’s not half bad.  and it was half-off.  there can’t be THAT many people in my area who could pass up a good deal like that.  but then again, i’ve seen the people who shop my stores…apparently our tastes are polar opposite.  and for that, i bow my head and give thanks.DSCF0879

action shot.DSCF0884_edited

me bowing my head.


hot summer afternoon

29 07 2009


quick post in anticipation of mad men’s season 3 premiere coming soon.  fun, old  mad-men-esque glass (i’ve never seen this pattern before) holding a refreshing margarita and kitsch souvenir florida tray and coaster holding snacks.  perfect hot summer afternoon snack party tray to enjoy on the porch reading a book.  DSCF0875

yes, sometimes i even read books.

a little on-the-side

27 07 2009

what is the male version of “mistress?”  is there such a word?  i guess “manstress.”  in any event…

my little cottage lovah-on-the-side took a 10 grand drop in price, now making it a serious contender.DSCF0789

back entry of little cottage/bungalow

back entry of little cottage/bungalow



my ♥ still belongs to my green, slanty, overgrown love that is probably dangerously too close to powerlines and has the little issue of rotted wood and mold in the middle panel of the greenhouse.  and oh yah, no fridge in the kitchen (nor room for one.)  i can’t help it.  the character in this house appeals to me.  (not to mention its close proximity to a liquor grocery store, thrift store/gas station/hospital (ya never know)/and work. 

the trouble-making middle panel greenhouse wall

the trouble-making middle panel greenhouse wall

posting could be light around here for a little while.  i’ve got to figure out a life plan and let’s face it, that could take some time.  it’s been 49 years and i still haven’t knocked out a life plan.  i’m on the lookout for an extra way to earn some moulah, all the while trying to get these real estate people to agree to a 203K mortgage loan.  i’ll be back if something earth-shattering happens, but i don’t believe i’ve written anything earth-shattering to date.

in other non-related, non-earth-shattering news, i heard “mad men” is coming back with its new season august 16th (thank you, lorraine.)   oh thank heavens!  talk about wanting a “manstress.”don in hat_editedcall me.


24 07 2009

gifts now come to me wrapped in very different packages.  gone are the days of diamonds, rubies, whirlwind vacations, and expensive dinners.  on a random roadtrip, i stopped into a random rest area and picked a random stall.  and as i sat down (yes, i sat down) and looked straight ahead –





thank you.

long, romantic walk on the beach

22 07 2009

DSCF0866ok, i was by myself.  but i still had a nice long walk on the beach. 

the overcast skies cleared out later in the afternoon and i thought i better take advantage of it.  seems like ALL i’ve done is complain about how lousy the weather has been this week.  it was BEAUTIFUL .  DSCF0867DSCF0869_edited


so – sometimes tj maxx gets in some really good books at a REALLY decent price.  i snagged two of them and they are loaded with great pictures.  the first one (for $4) is marie claire maison’s “small spaces, inspiration for stylish living.”DSCF0841i just love all the pictures.  published in 2008, so all the pictures still seem “fresh.”DSCF0842i believe i have a danish candlestick holder collection that rivals the one above.  and i might even have a lamp like that (only mine attaches to a wall.  and it’s white.  but it’s the same accordion type dealio.)  yup, stored away cuz i can’t hang anything on a wall in this apartment.    I NEED A HOUSE.    DSCF0844 DSCF0843

and then oliver heath’s “urban eco chic.”   this was all of $5.  DSCF0858

and the back cover says $29.95.  again, published in 2008.  REALLY good pictures in this one.

back cover

back cover

DSCF0860hey, is that little table on the left identical to my little one i just sanded?DSCF0860_edited

oh, i think it is.DSCF0794

huh?  it’s the same table, right?


get thine butt over to tj’s if you want some great decor books at a smokin’ good price.


action shot.   that’s me waving goodbye to 48…


21 07 2009

so, remember this lampDSCF0478_edited

she’s an old lightolier – i found it back in march, and no lie, i had just put it back in the car last week to bring to a lamp shop here in town to figure out how the heck to put a lampshade on it.  i had picked up a nice little shade at ikea, but didn’t have a clue as to attaching it and figured someone could help me there.  i also had another little thrifted lamp i bought a shade for as well and needed help in attaching.DSCF0784

so, of course, the day i popped into the lamp store, the guy in charge of dealing with old lamps was on his lunch break and out of the store.  since i had a million other things to do, i took his business card and went on my way.  and of course i never called back and of course i’ve been traveling around town with these lamps in my car ever since.  well, apparently i’ve been putting out “lamp energy vibes.”  after getting out of the movie, food, inc.,” naturally i stopped by the local goodwill before going home (a must-see movie, by the way.  well, i was fascinated due to my food allergies.  it’s sad, infuriating, disgusting, informative.  part of me is thankful (?) for my ridiculous food allergies in that my diet is basically a healthy/organic one, save for those cocktails and occasional bags of chips.) 

but back to lamps.  so, i’m in the goodwill lamp section and i’m just looking at lamps and their sockets and figuring out what kind of socket that little wooden lamp would need to house the shade i bought for it.  and then all of a sudden i see THIS LAMP:DSCF0847another vintage lightolier WITH A SHADE!!!!  (the shade is plastic.)   i couldn’t believe my luck!  i mean, this isn’t one of those items i see over and over again in my travels. 

how the shade attaches

how the shade attaches

i can tell you right now they don’t sell harps like this at home depot.   DSCF0849and so i put the shade and harp attachment on the orange tulip lightolier:DSCF0851DSCF0852 here it is in action.  puts out a nice GLOW.DSCF0856

but then i put the shade back on the boring tan/brown light, and when the lamp is turned on, again, there’s this nice amber glow and the lamp is quite handsome.DSCF0857great.  i like ’em both.  choices, choices. 

still need to figure out what to do with the little wooden lamp.  i’m sure it’s just a matter of changing out the socket.  stay tuned.


19 07 2009

awwww.  my neighbor handed me a fresh cut red rose last night as i pulled in from a long night at work.  neighborly.  and it SMELLS SO GOOD. DSCF0835_edited

that’s all. 

a little gesture like that can magically erase the pain in my bod (and my brain) from massaging the challenges i faced earlier on in the evening.




yah, right.




(to be clear, i DO appreciate the rose.  the pain in my bod still lingers on…)