ahhh, july.

1 07 2009


my birthday month.   yup, counting down the days ’til i reach my final year in my 40s.  yikes. i need to get busy and get a life.

anyway – thankfully things returned to normal today and we got rain.  we can’t get all spoiled with days in a row of nice weather.  and holy toledo, holy tornado, did it ever pour!DSCF0751

my past two birthdays have been weather like this.  please, oh please.  no more. 

so, my thrifted table is a mobelintarsia.  heard of it?  yah, me neither.  DSCF0752

got a little more scraped off so i could read the stamp completely.  i think it’ll definitely be worth the effort of scraping and sanding.                                               


newly thrifted rosti spatula (to replace several i’ve melted.)DSCF0734


DSCF0736 is it any wonder i don’t have a boyfriend when all i have to talk about is spatulas?



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