vying for my love

10 07 2009

today i cheated on the house that did me wrong and now wants me back with this cottage/bungalow:DSCF0789

it’s definitely got its plusses.  that front porch for one. 

front enclosed porch

front enclosed porch

view from front porch to living room

view from front porch to living room

charm gets me every time.  it’s kind of out in the boonies, though.  not near anything, like a package grocery store or gas station.  farm country.  huge, funky 2 car garage complete with (an unfinished) loft space i could eventually turn into a massage room maybe (with all that extra money i have.)

minuses are:  the kitchen stinks, there’s only one bathroom and no fireplace.  and it’s a tad more expensive than my old lover.  and would require more elbow grease.  but it’s doable.  anyway, it gives me a choice.  something to think about over the weekend while i’m daydreaming focusing completely on my massage clients. 

side view

side view

fyi, i peed behind that big bush on the left.   now there’s my second bathroom.




One response

24 07 2009
Team LLD

OK, I am in love with this new love of yours…she’s charming!

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