11 07 2009

DSCF0795picked this up because 1.) there was a foreign word written on it, 2.) it was under a dollar, and 3.) it appeared handmade/handpainted.  i didn’t know what “säter” meant.  i assumed “water” since the spelling was so close, and it was a pitcher after all.  i assumed wrong.  apparently this is probably just a souvenir pitcher from the municipality of säter in sweden?  nice color combos.DSCF0792_edited



also picked up the white vase, has an old “made in japan” sticker on the bottom.  you can always use an extra smart-looking white vase, right?  for all those bouquets of flowers all those suitors bestow on me.

and oh yah, i’ve oiled the mobelintarsia table.  it’s not perfect, but it’s an improvement over the condition i found it in. DSCF0719





2 responses

12 07 2009

O.K., NOW you’re pushin’ it! Articulate…smartypants, but….I’ll give you credit..You’re GOOD! Wineangel

13 07 2009

Your table turned out FAB. I love the top!

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