random and perhaps a little boring

14 07 2009

weather = spectacular.

thrifting planetary alignment this month seems to have me finding good bargains on rosti.DSCF0801_edited

yup, here i go talking spatulas again.  but i’ve never had the good fortune to snag a rosti utensil holder before and *yay* now i’ve got one.  it’s a rosti party.DSCF0803_edited


also found some cute drink accessories, namely these swedish coasters –



and i hate to buy anything when i don’t know anything about the product, but i blindly splurged and spent 4 bucks on this big alessi stainless steel bowl.  i liked the shape of it.  reminded me of danish design, yet it is made in italy.  and apparently they’re quite expensive to buy new.  who pays $100-$200 for a bowl in real life?  i couldn’t find this exact bowl on the alessi website, but i like the shape of mine better than anything they’re selling now.  score another one for ME.  DSCF0811_edited


tried a new beer today made from sorghum and rice extract.  new grist beer.  it didn’t tickle my fancy the way redbridge did, but i must stress, it’s not bad.  it’s lighter and less hearty than redbridge.  DSCF0815

little tea time snack plate –DSCF0814

i realize the food i eat must look unappetizing as all get out.  but trust – it’s truly tasty.  or maybe i’m just used to it.  olive tapenade, rice crackers, soy crisps, and an ice cold beer in a really cute glass opened with a bird/seal/what-exactly-is-that danish bottle opener.  what’s happier than this happy hour for anyone who’s allergic to (almost) everything?



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