abuse of power

15 07 2009

there is nothing quite like the power of a low-cut tank top to lure the neighborhood men to your door bearing power tools.  me and my pathetic pile of sandpaper hand sanding that thrift-store mobelintarsia table on a sunny day on my back porch brought sympathy from two men simultaneously.  it was quite cute, actually.  looked like a scene from a bad sitcom.  one approaching from the east, another from the north.  i gladly accepted one offer and it made the job MUCH easier, of course.  i figured since i had the power tools in hand, i might as well take advantage and dug out an old teak made-in-denmark table/tv stand i had bought with regret nearly a year ago.  i paid WAY TOO MUCH for it – $15 – and it was scratched up all to heck.  i had it stored in the bottom of my closet and i’d kind of forgotten about it ’til i had the power sander in my possession.  DSCF0770_edited

table with the casters on

table with the casters on

DSCF0772well, i got to sanding.  and there was no stopping me.  but something happened.  and i don’t really understand.  is it veneer?  must be.  ‘cuz i sanded too much and caused a blemish, a little digger.  

sanded too much

sanded too much


it still looks better, i suppose.

sanded and oiled danish table

sanded and oiled danish table

if i throw a television on top of it or a printer or a tray or something, no-one will be the wiser.  DSCF0809





problemo solved-o.  ish.




One response

16 07 2009

Kim,gotta tell you, wher and however you come up with this stuff, doesn’t matter, but…you are good at what you do! You should get paid…BIG Bucks for the entertainment you give us. Should have yor own column in a paper or something…not kidding!!! Please keep it up, and thanks.

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