part III

16 07 2009

this is my final installment in the tale-of-three-tables power sanding series.

to be fair – my $10 vejle stole-og møbelfabrick coffee table had some issues to begin with.  but i thought they could be remedied with a power sander.  not so.  DSCF0773

the table was a little beat up along the sides and legs, had a mini strip near the center where it was stripped of oil, and then there were a couple of these zig-zaggy patterns carved on the top.  (but from this shot, the table doesn’t look half bad.  mmm.  probably should have kept it this way.)  but no, i was wielding my power (sander.)  can you see those zig-zags?



the point is – i kinda ruined it.  oh sure, the top can probably be upholstered and thrown at the end of a bed to serve as a bench (which is what i’ll probably get around to doing sometime in the next 10 years or so.)  or maybe i’ll just buy a big ol’ cushion to throw on top.  or maybe i’ll grow to love its new “patina.”


this is the "after" shot

this is the "after" shot

and the “after” shot is WITH a couple coats of danish oil applied.   



let’s chalk this one up in the “nice try” column.

sometimes you unearth a great treasure.  sometimes you just get yourself some kindling.



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