21 07 2009

so, remember this lampDSCF0478_edited

she’s an old lightolier – i found it back in march, and no lie, i had just put it back in the car last week to bring to a lamp shop here in town to figure out how the heck to put a lampshade on it.  i had picked up a nice little shade at ikea, but didn’t have a clue as to attaching it and figured someone could help me there.  i also had another little thrifted lamp i bought a shade for as well and needed help in attaching.DSCF0784

so, of course, the day i popped into the lamp store, the guy in charge of dealing with old lamps was on his lunch break and out of the store.  since i had a million other things to do, i took his business card and went on my way.  and of course i never called back and of course i’ve been traveling around town with these lamps in my car ever since.  well, apparently i’ve been putting out “lamp energy vibes.”  after getting out of the movie, food, inc.,” naturally i stopped by the local goodwill before going home (a must-see movie, by the way.  well, i was fascinated due to my food allergies.  it’s sad, infuriating, disgusting, informative.  part of me is thankful (?) for my ridiculous food allergies in that my diet is basically a healthy/organic one, save for those cocktails and occasional bags of chips.) 

but back to lamps.  so, i’m in the goodwill lamp section and i’m just looking at lamps and their sockets and figuring out what kind of socket that little wooden lamp would need to house the shade i bought for it.  and then all of a sudden i see THIS LAMP:DSCF0847another vintage lightolier WITH A SHADE!!!!  (the shade is plastic.)   i couldn’t believe my luck!  i mean, this isn’t one of those items i see over and over again in my travels. 

how the shade attaches

how the shade attaches

i can tell you right now they don’t sell harps like this at home depot.   DSCF0849and so i put the shade and harp attachment on the orange tulip lightolier:DSCF0851DSCF0852 here it is in action.  puts out a nice GLOW.DSCF0856

but then i put the shade back on the boring tan/brown light, and when the lamp is turned on, again, there’s this nice amber glow and the lamp is quite handsome.DSCF0857great.  i like ’em both.  choices, choices. 

still need to figure out what to do with the little wooden lamp.  i’m sure it’s just a matter of changing out the socket.  stay tuned.




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