long, romantic walk on the beach

22 07 2009

DSCF0866ok, i was by myself.  but i still had a nice long walk on the beach. 

the overcast skies cleared out later in the afternoon and i thought i better take advantage of it.  seems like ALL i’ve done is complain about how lousy the weather has been this week.  it was BEAUTIFUL .  DSCF0867DSCF0869_edited


so – sometimes tj maxx gets in some really good books at a REALLY decent price.  i snagged two of them and they are loaded with great pictures.  the first one (for $4) is marie claire maison’s “small spaces, inspiration for stylish living.”DSCF0841i just love all the pictures.  published in 2008, so all the pictures still seem “fresh.”DSCF0842i believe i have a danish candlestick holder collection that rivals the one above.  and i might even have a lamp like that (only mine attaches to a wall.  and it’s white.  but it’s the same accordion type dealio.)  yup, stored away cuz i can’t hang anything on a wall in this apartment.    I NEED A HOUSE.    DSCF0844 DSCF0843

and then oliver heath’s “urban eco chic.”   this was all of $5.  DSCF0858

and the back cover says $29.95.  again, published in 2008.  REALLY good pictures in this one.

back cover

back cover

DSCF0860hey, is that little table on the left identical to my little one i just sanded?DSCF0860_edited

oh, i think it is.DSCF0794

huh?  it’s the same table, right?


get thine butt over to tj’s if you want some great decor books at a smokin’ good price.


action shot.   that’s me waving goodbye to 48…



3 responses

24 07 2009
Team LLD

WHAT??? No polish on those toes?? Mercy.

24 07 2009

gap’s “sandstone,” mouthy.

26 07 2009

Perfect Scenario…Seems more like Hello…Out of the Blue…Gads…I could write a book! Got to tell my friend Nelson D. about this one!

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