31 07 2009

DSCF0878_editedlike, how could i not buy it?  do i need it?  well, no, not really.  but for 10 bucks i was kinda forced into it.  i’d seen this coffee table in the thrift store when it first came on the floor weeks ago for 20 bucks.  for $20 i didn’t need it.  but today was the last day for green tag items to be half-price.  and she was green.  that’s 6-1/2 days being half-price patiently waiting to be scooped up.   what i can’t figure out is why no-one else bought this mid-century coffee table.  it’s a baumritter (ethan allen.)  good solid piece of furniture.  i mean, 10 bucks.  you can’t buy a martini for 10 bucks these days.  come on.  someone had to save her.  i’ve old-englished it and even turtle-waxed the top and it’s not half bad.  and it was half-off.  there can’t be THAT many people in my area who could pass up a good deal like that.  but then again, i’ve seen the people who shop my stores…apparently our tastes are polar opposite.  and for that, i bow my head and give thanks.DSCF0879

action shot.DSCF0884_edited

me bowing my head.




3 responses

31 07 2009

oops, kind lost your head, girl, but I got it. Nice Margarita.

2 08 2009

Catching up on a month of blogs. Seem to be a lot of feet pictures! 🙂

If they have a 60’s museum somewhere.. or maybe you can start one!

Any news on the houses? You seem so close.

If you ever have an excuse to get up to Boston, let me know.

2 08 2009

i want a house so bad. bids going in this week. i could use a field trip to boston – aug. seems to be jam-packed for me, but maybe sept. any new great restaurants i must try??? heck, they’re all great, right?

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