again with the books…

6 08 2009

as i was driving in to work today:DSCF0899

shopping cart in the ‘hood filled with what?  car parts?  machine parts?  again, i found this a new take on the regular ol’ empty boring shopping cart and had to document it.  loves me some interesting shopping cart sidewalk art.

worked for a minute today in yet another shoreline town and hit another shoreline thrift store and picked up this book from 1972:DSCF0900

some really not bad kitchen design. see that line “giving your kitchen that individual look?”  keep that in mind as you scroll through the pics.  

i can completely see how certain photos can be used for inspiration today.  for instance:DSCF0909

i mean, i love this.  the wood siding on the far wall?  the green cabinets?  the open shelving?  very very nice indeed. 

and this even has some nice elements:DSCF0905

some, i said.  those roman shades are nice and the fabric seems current for today.  i like that black painted wall beneath the cabinets.  and the teak tray and canister set are both quite nice.  even the lighting.  i could do without the fussiness of what they’ve done to the cabinet doors. 

and for some reason, i really like this:  DSCF0906

the sleek red cabinets.  the red/pink fun wallpaper they’ve even covered the fridge with.  quite bold.  so mod. 

even this isn’t half bad(ish):DSCF0904

note the cathrineholm canister set.  i am not lucky enough to have found a canister set, but i’ve managed to scrounge up a teakettle and assorted bowls and cooking pots

and i gotta tell ya, i REALLY like this kitchen design.  simple cabinets.  open shelving. brick wall. teeny tiny itty bitty knobs.  i actually even own a couple of the teak canisters pictured here (although they’re hard to see in this pic.  bottom shelf, right hand side.)DSCF0901

here, let me show you.DSCF0911_edited

but then i looked at this photo a little longer.  and what the heck is that on the left?  on the middle shelf?  i mean, really.  what is it?  it really doesn’t look appropriate.  for a kitchen.

what the?

what the?

are you seeing what i’m seeing?  or is that my overactive imagination?


but then. 

then something went terribly wrong with the book.  sure, i like color.  and i’m even fond of the canisters in this photo.  but sweet jeezus.  who in their right mind would live like this?  COULD live like this?  it’s MUCH too much to confront first thing in the morning firing up that pot of coffee…

DSCF0908am i right?  like, achingly so.  of course, give me a couple years.  i’ll probably love it. 

different strokes, i suppose. 

speaking of strokes.  what the heck IS that?DSCF0903_edited

giving your kitchen that individual look.

i’ll say.




One response

23 08 2009

It is made of wood though.. splinters! Put that with the pink bowl.. ha.

That is so weird. Who told us that stuff was coffee table book worthy? And why did people believe them?

I think a kitchen design conspiracy.. make people spend money doing stuff so horrible that they’d have to spend more money to redo it!

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