10 08 2009

first temps in the 90s since april 28th.”  104 days ago.  how many times did i hear THAT today from every channel, every weather-person, every news guy?  top story of the day.  first temps in the 90s all summer. 

early morning moon

early morning moon

the early morning was just right.  just what you look for in a summer morning, the way summer mornings should be.  i opened my door at 6:30 AM to take out the trash and the air was thick and hazy.  i think you could say sultry.  and quiet.  and i had the ‘hood to myself.  no dogs barking.  no kids being yelled at by their moms.  no car alarms going off.  pure heaven.

of course, she warmed up aplenty once the sun came out and i beat the heat by escaping to an afternoon matinee of julie & julia.”  oh meryl, you are pure perfection.   i giggled every time she came on screen.  and this is EXACTLY what i look for in a summertime movie.  light and entertaining.  and i’ll be darned – those pwah-2 chairs (poitoux) i mentioned in my last post were in all the french cafes in the film.  and there were great lamps and great cookware.  DSCF0921_editedthis fry pan of mine weighs 50 – 60 lbs at least.  seems like something julia would’ve used.  me, i’ve never used it.  i’m faking it here.  but doesn’t it look like i love to cook?DSCF0920i wish.



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