16 08 2009

how how how how HOW do i go from a woman who has spent her entire adult life sleeping without a bed perched upon a bed frame – years and YEARS with no bed, just a mattress/boxspring on the floor (let’s not even talk about the entire year i spent sleeping on a chair/ottoman combination) – how do i go from owning zero beds to 2 beds in the blink of an eye? 

my west elm bed i ordered in may was backordered.  and backordered some more.  woodbedfrme_white_F08_080828095203_ViewInColor_heroand then this past week, when it was due to be shipped on august 10th, i received another email stating the bed was backordered again ’til 9/28.  oh really?  so, friday i’m in goodwill and i had a discount card and i thought, “screw it.  i’ll just get this perfectly sized mid-century headboard and footboard that seem to have magically fallen into my lap out of the blue.  it’s a sign!!!”  i got it for $23, which might seem like a terrific bargain, but now i’ve got to actually buy bed rails and a support system and there probably goes my terrific bargain right out the window.  but whatever.  sometimes you just have to buy something when it’s there. 

so i brought the headboard/footboard home and then had to mad dash to a friend’s house where we were preparing for a tag sale.  spent the night at her house, tag-saled all morning, left there to go to my real job, and in this sneaky window of time that i have not checked my inbox, west elm sends a shipping confirmation number email!  they’ve upped and shipped out the bed they told me wouldn’t be in for over a month’s time.  that’s right.  upped and shipped.  i didn’t have time to cancel the order.  0 to 2  in less than 24 hrs.





pretty sleek and snazzy.  agreed?  can it be compared to room and board’s grove bed in walnut?  oh, i think it can.  if you use your imagination. 

i suppose i’ll keep ’em both in case i DO buy a house and end up having a guest bedroom (or a guest house.  think big.)  chances are good one of them will be in a tag sale years down the road.



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18 08 2009

I LOVE that goodwill bed! Much better than I imagined!

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