4 09 2009

i’m no cat fan.

in fact, i just can’t stand them.  i know i know.  this immediately takes me out of the majority percentile of the female population.  like, i can’t even fake it.  and i’m a LEO.  the biggest cat of ’em all.  but i do like a lion. 

bennington lion plate

bennington lion plate

picked up this mod cat at goodwill today.  i love it.  it’s got a little crazing at its midsection, but i think crazing = character. 

and then.

then i bought something i would never ever ever buy in a million trillion years.  i bought a cat.  a ceramic cat.  and i only bought it cuz i thought it might be worth some money.  it might be worth more than the $7 (GASP) i paid for it.  $7 for what i think is one ugly cat.  i still can’t believe i bought it.  but i did.

bitossi cat

bitossi cat

apparently this is some aldo londi for raymor bitossi blu rimini cat.  (blu – not misspelled.)  again – i don’t know much about them.   i’ve seen other cats in this same style and they were way cooler than what i’ve got.  beggars can’t be choosers.  in goodwill, you take what you get.  but this is troublesome for me.  i usually only buy what i truly like.  today i bought something because i thought it might be worth something.  and i hate it.  but heck, i’m only out  7 bucks.

a couple cats

a couple cats

this could be my sign to set up an ebay account.

doesn’t he look like he’s saying, “please love me.” 

maybe he’s so bad he’s good?



2 responses

8 08 2016

Your plate is made by David Gil, from Bennington Potters in Vermont. He is the inventor of the trigger mug. It’s a nice find, your disdain for cats notwithstanding.

9 08 2016
fries in a cone

HAHA. Thanks for the comment. Man oh man, this post is so old. Indeed, yes, David Gil. I actually thrifted another one of his lion plates and a couple trigger mugs as well. And funny thing, these days I currently reside with a cat. Life is funny. 🙂

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