floor lamp

6 09 2009


sometimes i think i’ve got so much visual inspiration clogging up my brain from absorbing so many decor magazines and so many vintage decorating books and so many design blogs, i buy things because i think i should or i’ll regret it.  now if i owned a store it would be one thing.  or if i had a garage to store this stuff, it’d be another.  but i’ve got neither.  i think this vintage gooseneck floor lamp has the potential to be pretty darn awesome with a little cleanup and some spray paint.  maybe a bright pink or bright yellow, but probably just white.  but ya never know…

anyway, it was 4 bucks and it works and i was forced into buying it.DSCF3005_editedDSCF3007                










where have i seen this?  i can’t figure it out to save my life.


*UPDATE* – oh, i figured out where i’d seen this lamp.  mystery solved – the ol’ vintage decorating books.  not sure if it’s a good or bad thing.  you decide.DSCF3014

from “the apartment book,” 1979 – in yellow, the wall lamp version.  not bad.  not bad at all.


from the same book, a red version.  ok ok, still not so bad.

mmmm.  and then the white version:DSCF3016

but the full room:DSCF3015

oh dear.  that ain’t good.  just focus focus focus on the lamp.  the lamp looks good, right?

and from a 1981 “better homes and gardens new decorating book,” 80s at its best:DSCF3019

again, focus on the lamps.  the lamps are the best thing in this room.DSCF3020

yup, that’s a cat in that photo.  the cats are haunting me.



One response

21 10 2011
Abby Jenkins aka abbydays

ohmygod that book! that which nightmares are made out of. It would be fun to have a halloween party and dress up like those guys, with a couple creepy cats thrown in. Yellow shag carpeting too, of course.

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