Greetings.  My name is Kim and I’m a never-married, no children, no pets, middle-aged gal chuggin’ on trying to make some kind of life for myself.  I have a few plants.  succulentsIn 2002 I found myself alone, broke, and without a home after a seemingly “normalish” existence.  Of course none of it was my fault.  Of course.  Uprooted myself and moved clear across the country and with the help of a couple really really good friends, I’ve managed to get back on my feet.  And because I’ve also managed to find the absolutely lowest paying job in my profession (massage therapist,) I’ve also had to discipline myself with a stricter-than-strict budget.  To while away the empty days, I became the obsessed thrifter.  And I got good at it. 

I should also mention I had never owned a computer prior to relocating back east.  Blindly I bought a little laptop and have been trying to figure this computer thing out day by day.  The fact that I can even blog is a miracle in itself. 

And then to make things even more interesting, I developed some of the world’s worst food allergies.  My throat just seizes up with wheat, dairy, and corn.  Not to mention the dreaded avocado.  Yup, good-bye sweet guacamole.  Good-bye everything.  Hello rice.  Hello tequila. 

I can be contacted at magnetgirl60@hotmail.com




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