30 11 2008

back home from the potato state.  not idaho.  the other one.  the love potato state.dscf0210_edited

the thanksgiving feast was dee-lish where i enjoyed the traditional thanksgiving lobster and i also my sister baked a pie.  i couldn’t eat it, but it sure smelled good.  i smelled it a LOT.  no calories in smelling. dscf0209_edited

looks like we’re getting our first snow of the season.  i’m not sure this really counts as snow, but it was on my windshield when i went out this morning.  kinda lame, really.  dscf0211

and it being (fake) winter and all, this means the holidays are approaching and this means we’re in for some good decorating and this means the debut appearance in the holiday decor from the one-armed swede.  i swear on a stack of people magazines when i picked her up at the flea market last year, i swear she had 2 arms.  why would i buy a one-armed swede?  but when i unwrapped her, lo and behold, one arm.  somewhere, somehow from the time i found her to the time i gave her to the guy to purchase, she lost an arm.  but i’ve grown to love her.  missing limb and all.  she seems so happy.dscf0212_edited