so much to discuss…

22 09 2009

…and yet so little of significance. 

first, ricky gervais.  i cannot begin to tell you how much i love a funny man.  emmys 2009?  ya see him?  click here (bonus – jon stewart is also in the clip.)  ricky gervais has a new movie coming out – “the invention of lying” – i have a feeling i’ll be there opening day (october 2nd) for the first showing. 

oprah.  monday’s show.  a 60s inspired retro show.  oprah looked fabulous.  especially her hair. the audience was all decked out in 60s garb as well.  the show itself was so-so, but the mad men segment was worth it.  

letterman.  obama.   good stuff.  the heart shaped potato?  i was dyin’. 

organic made-from-scratch spanish rice.  made by me.  no lie.  DSCF3038


on a rice cracker.  somehow “rice crackers as utensils” just doesn’t have the same flow to it as “chips as utensils.”  and besides, it’s rice overload.  rice on rice.  that’s too much rice.       DSCF3041


and so i give you spanish rice on a chip:DSCF3042

and i continue to bring yet even more sexy in the brown fall boots.  another low-heeled version.  this time from privo.DSCF3052



and a crafty mini quilt all framed:



and goodbye summer.  i can’t bear it.  hello fall. 

and what better to go with that spanish rice than a margarita in a gold wheat glass on a vintage red leaf plastic coaster?  is the wheat glass fall-ish?  i say it’s harvesty.  and harvesty = fall.  fall harvest.  and that’s about all the enthusiasm i can muster to welcome launch the fall season.DSCF3056



10 08 2009

first temps in the 90s since april 28th.”  104 days ago.  how many times did i hear THAT today from every channel, every weather-person, every news guy?  top story of the day.  first temps in the 90s all summer. 

early morning moon

early morning moon

the early morning was just right.  just what you look for in a summer morning, the way summer mornings should be.  i opened my door at 6:30 AM to take out the trash and the air was thick and hazy.  i think you could say sultry.  and quiet.  and i had the ‘hood to myself.  no dogs barking.  no kids being yelled at by their moms.  no car alarms going off.  pure heaven.

of course, she warmed up aplenty once the sun came out and i beat the heat by escaping to an afternoon matinee of julie & julia.”  oh meryl, you are pure perfection.   i giggled every time she came on screen.  and this is EXACTLY what i look for in a summertime movie.  light and entertaining.  and i’ll be darned – those pwah-2 chairs (poitoux) i mentioned in my last post were in all the french cafes in the film.  and there were great lamps and great cookware.  DSCF0921_editedthis fry pan of mine weighs 50 – 60 lbs at least.  seems like something julia would’ve used.  me, i’ve never used it.  i’m faking it here.  but doesn’t it look like i love to cook?DSCF0920i wish.


21 07 2009

so, remember this lampDSCF0478_edited

she’s an old lightolier – i found it back in march, and no lie, i had just put it back in the car last week to bring to a lamp shop here in town to figure out how the heck to put a lampshade on it.  i had picked up a nice little shade at ikea, but didn’t have a clue as to attaching it and figured someone could help me there.  i also had another little thrifted lamp i bought a shade for as well and needed help in attaching.DSCF0784

so, of course, the day i popped into the lamp store, the guy in charge of dealing with old lamps was on his lunch break and out of the store.  since i had a million other things to do, i took his business card and went on my way.  and of course i never called back and of course i’ve been traveling around town with these lamps in my car ever since.  well, apparently i’ve been putting out “lamp energy vibes.”  after getting out of the movie, food, inc.,” naturally i stopped by the local goodwill before going home (a must-see movie, by the way.  well, i was fascinated due to my food allergies.  it’s sad, infuriating, disgusting, informative.  part of me is thankful (?) for my ridiculous food allergies in that my diet is basically a healthy/organic one, save for those cocktails and occasional bags of chips.) 

but back to lamps.  so, i’m in the goodwill lamp section and i’m just looking at lamps and their sockets and figuring out what kind of socket that little wooden lamp would need to house the shade i bought for it.  and then all of a sudden i see THIS LAMP:DSCF0847another vintage lightolier WITH A SHADE!!!!  (the shade is plastic.)   i couldn’t believe my luck!  i mean, this isn’t one of those items i see over and over again in my travels. 

how the shade attaches

how the shade attaches

i can tell you right now they don’t sell harps like this at home depot.   DSCF0849and so i put the shade and harp attachment on the orange tulip lightolier:DSCF0851DSCF0852 here it is in action.  puts out a nice GLOW.DSCF0856

but then i put the shade back on the boring tan/brown light, and when the lamp is turned on, again, there’s this nice amber glow and the lamp is quite handsome.DSCF0857great.  i like ’em both.  choices, choices. 

still need to figure out what to do with the little wooden lamp.  i’m sure it’s just a matter of changing out the socket.  stay tuned.


10 04 2009

so – i was looking for an inexpensive rug that would add some *kapow* to my living room.  something with bold graphics.  ordered this from urban outfitters because:  1.)  it was cheap.  $30 for a 5 x 7.     and  2.)  thought it was black and white (which is exactly what i was looking for.)

made sure to read and re-read the description on-line and when there was no color mentioned, i assumed it was black and white.  i assumed wrong.  ugh – it’s so disappointing when you open your package from the UPS man and it’s not what you envisioned.  when i went back to the urban outfitters website, i saw where their smaller version of this rug stated chocolate brown as the color, but since this was not the size i ordered, i hadn’t bothered to read its description.  anyway, it’s not what i wanted, but it certainly packs the visual punch, huh?dscf0519_editedwouldn’t this have been great in black and white?  oh well.  i’ll return this one and keep looking. 

speaking of disappointment, i received a counter-offer today on my lowball offer yesterday.  but since my lowball offer was the highest i could go, i can’t counter the counter.  i knew i was out of my league, but i was a-hopin’ baby, i was a-hopin’.  time to get realistic and start scanning the trailer parks for those “for-sale” signs.  oh dear.

i’m going to be one with my couch now (and my off-color rug) and watch my netflix movie, “happy-go-lucky.”  maybe her optimistic mood will rub off…


27 03 2009

at last.  today was filled with sunny skies and warm(ish) weather.  a nice respite from the raw temps we can’t seem to shake. 

saw “sunshine cleaning” today because isn’t that what you’re supposed to do when the weather is glorious?  go indoors and watch a matinee?   anyway, all i can say is, “it’s about time.”  i’ve seen a couple STINKER movies lately and i was craving a real movie with real characters.  this one fit my bill.  not for everyone, maybe, but i enjoyed it. 

the sun was still shining when i came out of the theater and i, of course, headed indoors again.  yes, to the thrift stores.  snagged another amazing vintage decorating book – one that is certain to help me with my imaginary interior design degree.  “the apartment book.”  1979.dscf0483dscf0479dscf0480dscf0482dscf0481 i’ve got an orange pendant lamp just like that yellow one in the picture above dying to be installed in a ceiling somewhere.  i’ve also got a couple of those thonet bentwood armchairs (2 pics above) dying to be utilized in a house with more space.  the house hunt continues on….

speaking of orange lamps, i’m pretty sure this is amazing.  (?)  it’s a vintage lightolier, missing a globe?  missing a shade?  great tulip shape.  a steal at $4. dscf0478_editedi think.

oscar sunday

22 02 2009


drinking the champagne wearing the long black gloves and watching the oscars.   who isn’t?

revolutionary road

26 01 2009

another day.  another burnt potholder.  i catch more potholders on fire, i swear.  and i started a grease fire in my oven about a month ago.  rest assured, the batteries are still going strong in the smoke detector.dscf0357and darn.  i got all my xmas stuff put away and plum forgot about the xmas potholder.  ruined.  good thing i only pay a quarter for most things.   

i saw revolutionary road today.

let me give you the synopsis.  it’s about kate winslet smoking a cigarette. 

and really really great furniture. 

the end.