retro pink

11 08 2009



pink with chipsDSCF0924


retro pink.  with chips.  with drink.DSCF0925


retro pink.  with chips.  with drink. 

retro pink.  with chips.  pink drink.                                                                                                                                                DSCF0926_edited


cigs and summer

5 08 2009

i can safely say summer has arrived .  finally.  dare i say, today could even register as “oppressive.”  or maybe it’s only oppressive in my apartment – i gave up central air when i moved here to save money.  on these types of days i say, “why?  why?  for the love of gawd, WHY?” 

yesterday was a spectacular specimen of a day and i visited old young and exceptionally attractive friends at their summer rental cottage.  DSCF0886

unfortunately, we didn’t have an umbrella as pictured numerous times here and for the first time in YEARS, despite my application of SPF 50 (several times i might add) i got some sunburned shoulders.  drat.  there goes my attempt at julianne moore/nicole kidman pearly white skin right out the window. 

since i was in the prestigious shoreline area i popped into the prestigious thrift store.  got a 1964 mccall’s decorating book and some vintage beach-themed coasters.  honest to goodness, i own more coasters than i know what to do with.  if i used a different coaster with each cocktail i drink i think i’d have enough to last a lifetime.  i’ve got to throw some mean fêtes and use these babies up.DSCF0887

threw in a couple old glasses and another rosti utensil i found earlier in the week at a lesser prestigious thrift store.

since i’m pretty much a loner, my daily goal is tryin’ like heck to find a laugh out there somewhere, something that amuses me (other than laughing at myself.)  (i know, pathetic.  i used to laugh my brains out daily til i created this recluse life for myself, but i hate when people talk about how they “used to be.”  ex:  i was a 105 lb. bride, i used to be able to do 50 push-ups,  i used to have six-pack abs, i used to work out all the time, i used to have friends, i used to make a decent living.  ENOUGH with the “used-tos” already.)   but seriously, i used to laugh a lot.

this mccall’s decorating book has REALLY great info in it, but NOT really good decor pictures (for my taste.)  i didn’t quite realize how many vintage decorating books i’ve amassed over the years and they’ve literally become my go-to bibles.  but while flipping through this mccall’s i couldn’t help but notice how important cigarettes were in design.  and this, my friends, this is the stuff that cracks me up.  i realize it isn’t even funny, but  i do get a kick out of it. 

cigs in a blue cup

cigs in a blue cup

cigs in elegant crystal

cigs in elegant crystal

cigs in a scoop

cigs in a scoop

couple cigs in a brass cup with some purty tulips

couple cigs in a brass cup with some purty tulips

cigs AND matches in the lounge area

cigs AND matches in the lounge area

and hello?  the “scatter wall.”  i love the name for it.  the grouping of several oil paintings in the lounge area which you see EVERYWHERE today. 

the scatter wall

the scatter wall

cigs in a mug

cigs in a mug

and this isn’t even all of  ’em.  yah, the decor isn’t my fave, but i’m loving the ciggies.  and i don’t smoke. 

cosmo and kettle spicy thai chips

cosmo and kettle spicy thai chips

but i do drink.  action shot of this week’s thrifted cocktail glass.  i know i know, a cosmo – so 5 years ago (or maybe even more) – but i thought it was a better match for spicy chips.  the sweet/spicy combo.  and i’m sick of the margs.  oh, bite my tongue.  did i SAY that?  i’m never sick of the margs.  just wanted something a little different.

man it’s hot.

i’ve been waiting A LONG TIME to say that.


31 07 2009

DSCF0878_editedlike, how could i not buy it?  do i need it?  well, no, not really.  but for 10 bucks i was kinda forced into it.  i’d seen this coffee table in the thrift store when it first came on the floor weeks ago for 20 bucks.  for $20 i didn’t need it.  but today was the last day for green tag items to be half-price.  and she was green.  that’s 6-1/2 days being half-price patiently waiting to be scooped up.   what i can’t figure out is why no-one else bought this mid-century coffee table.  it’s a baumritter (ethan allen.)  good solid piece of furniture.  i mean, 10 bucks.  you can’t buy a martini for 10 bucks these days.  come on.  someone had to save her.  i’ve old-englished it and even turtle-waxed the top and it’s not half bad.  and it was half-off.  there can’t be THAT many people in my area who could pass up a good deal like that.  but then again, i’ve seen the people who shop my stores…apparently our tastes are polar opposite.  and for that, i bow my head and give thanks.DSCF0879

action shot.DSCF0884_edited

me bowing my head.

hot summer afternoon

29 07 2009


quick post in anticipation of mad men’s season 3 premiere coming soon.  fun, old  mad-men-esque glass (i’ve never seen this pattern before) holding a refreshing margarita and kitsch souvenir florida tray and coaster holding snacks.  perfect hot summer afternoon snack party tray to enjoy on the porch reading a book.  DSCF0875

yes, sometimes i even read books.


19 07 2009

awwww.  my neighbor handed me a fresh cut red rose last night as i pulled in from a long night at work.  neighborly.  and it SMELLS SO GOOD. DSCF0835_edited

that’s all. 

a little gesture like that can magically erase the pain in my bod (and my brain) from massaging the challenges i faced earlier on in the evening.




yah, right.




(to be clear, i DO appreciate the rose.  the pain in my bod still lingers on…)