so much to discuss…

22 09 2009

…and yet so little of significance. 

first, ricky gervais.  i cannot begin to tell you how much i love a funny man.  emmys 2009?  ya see him?  click here (bonus – jon stewart is also in the clip.)  ricky gervais has a new movie coming out – “the invention of lying” – i have a feeling i’ll be there opening day (october 2nd) for the first showing. 

oprah.  monday’s show.  a 60s inspired retro show.  oprah looked fabulous.  especially her hair. the audience was all decked out in 60s garb as well.  the show itself was so-so, but the mad men segment was worth it.  

letterman.  obama.   good stuff.  the heart shaped potato?  i was dyin’. 

organic made-from-scratch spanish rice.  made by me.  no lie.  DSCF3038


on a rice cracker.  somehow “rice crackers as utensils” just doesn’t have the same flow to it as “chips as utensils.”  and besides, it’s rice overload.  rice on rice.  that’s too much rice.       DSCF3041


and so i give you spanish rice on a chip:DSCF3042

and i continue to bring yet even more sexy in the brown fall boots.  another low-heeled version.  this time from privo.DSCF3052



and a crafty mini quilt all framed:



and goodbye summer.  i can’t bear it.  hello fall. 

and what better to go with that spanish rice than a margarita in a gold wheat glass on a vintage red leaf plastic coaster?  is the wheat glass fall-ish?  i say it’s harvesty.  and harvesty = fall.  fall harvest.  and that’s about all the enthusiasm i can muster to welcome launch the fall season.DSCF3056


a little on-the-side

27 07 2009

what is the male version of “mistress?”  is there such a word?  i guess “manstress.”  in any event…

my little cottage lovah-on-the-side took a 10 grand drop in price, now making it a serious contender.DSCF0789

back entry of little cottage/bungalow

back entry of little cottage/bungalow



my ♥ still belongs to my green, slanty, overgrown love that is probably dangerously too close to powerlines and has the little issue of rotted wood and mold in the middle panel of the greenhouse.  and oh yah, no fridge in the kitchen (nor room for one.)  i can’t help it.  the character in this house appeals to me.  (not to mention its close proximity to a liquor grocery store, thrift store/gas station/hospital (ya never know)/and work. 

the trouble-making middle panel greenhouse wall

the trouble-making middle panel greenhouse wall

posting could be light around here for a little while.  i’ve got to figure out a life plan and let’s face it, that could take some time.  it’s been 49 years and i still haven’t knocked out a life plan.  i’m on the lookout for an extra way to earn some moulah, all the while trying to get these real estate people to agree to a 203K mortgage loan.  i’ll be back if something earth-shattering happens, but i don’t believe i’ve written anything earth-shattering to date.

in other non-related, non-earth-shattering news, i heard “mad men” is coming back with its new season august 16th (thank you, lorraine.)   oh thank heavens!  talk about wanting a “manstress.”don in hat_editedcall me.

christmas menu

25 12 2008

“i’ll have 2 poached eggs with a side of hamm.  christmas hamm.  hold the eggs.”christmas-hamm2

merry christmas.

the lengths i will go…

21 11 2008

…for one stinkin’ cocktail.  bundled up and braved the cold weather to buy fresh ingredients for a SPICY cocktail.  i’ve got the season 2 season finale of “dexter” to watch tonight on DVD and i wanted a very special drink to celebrate with.  dscf0194

needed a fresh chile and a fresh grapefruit (and a fresh lime – i always have those on hand, and always have fruit flies on hand as well.  grrr, they drive me bats.)  made up a batch of EASY simple syrup for this concoction also.  it’s called a “patrón silver spice” and it’s actually quite scrumptious.  look at this, DOUBLE straining as the recipe calls for.  (if you need the recipe, it’s on patrón’s website….)dscf0195

also stopped into the local goodwill and picked up ONE handsome setting of stainless flatware from holland.  it’s GORGEOUS.  but there was only ONE place setting.  it’s a darn good thing i live alone.dscf0193

ho hum monday, ho humday

17 11 2008

kinda started the day right outta the gate – up early to work out, throw some dumbbells around, a lunge here, a squat there, rounding it all off with some abs yoga.  then a hearty breakfast for the girl who oozes health – a spinach broccoli frittata (who AM i?) – fresh out of the oven…


with some roasted potatoes:dscf0180_edited

and yet even more skinny mashers, this time with roasted garlic:dscf0182

and then the day fizzled.  i had grand plans of breaking out the sewing machine once again, but instead just played a little with stamps and fabric paint and stencils.  and got zero accomplished.  dscf0183

in the middle of this movie and it’s breaking my heart.  took a break from the movie to watch “dancing with the stars.”  i’d go back to watching the movie, but writing this post is boring me to tears and i’m afraid i’ve put myself to sleep.

vote day!

4 11 2008

started the day with some democrat coffee.dscf0144

ok, it’s just a donkey charm sitting on the edge of my coffee cup.  there’s no special “blend” of democrat coffee. 

voting was NOT the nightmare for me it seemed to be for folks across the country.  no long lines.  i got in.  i got out.  and most importantly, i got my sticker. dscf0147 

and then i made the mistake of checking out a couple houses for sale.  the first one, not bad, really.  big ol’ house.  doesn’t seem to have any parking, which seems to be a running theme in the town i live.  but house #2, why why why did i attempt to drive by house #2?  it was on a road in another district where voting was taking place and there was limited parking for voters.  traffic was BAD.  and on top of that, there was some kind of crane accident, a construction accident in that same vicinity that detoured all traffic onto this already highly congested road.  i was all, “what the?????”  anyway, i opted to forget about doing a driveby for house #2, but all these detours forced me to drive a bajillion miles out of my way to get back home.  went to a goodwill since i was ALL THE WAY OUT THERE, found 6 cute glasses and wouldn’tchaknowit…..the line to check out was as backed up as the traffic on rt. 12.  so i put the glasses back, went to the liquor store and bought some fake champagne to celebrate a new president.dscf01481dscf01491  

so all was not lost.   and of course, what is election day without a guest appearance from the all important vintage donkey glass?  i poured some of my $9 “champagne” into the oh-so-awesome donkey glass and the effect just wasn’t there.  not enough bubbles.  just looks like a donkey glass with water. 

and now i’m gonna settle in and catch up on “dexter.”  escape these politics for a minute or two.


UPDATE:  looks like i picked the right charms for my bevs today.

end of work week, phew.

19 10 2008

i do love my sunday nights.  and not just because it’s “mad men” night.  but because it’s my “friday.”  that oh-so-good, peace-of-mind, relaxed state my body transforms into.  and i won’t post a photo of don draper again, ok, maybe i will.  but in addition, here’s a photo of another gooseneck lamp to pay homage to the show where the gooseneck lamp is KING.

   "You haven't seen Kim around, have you?"“You haven’t seen Kim around, have you?”


and funny thing, i DID buy a powerball ticket and won 12 bucks.  won’t get me my dream house, but it’s a start.