a little on-the-side

27 07 2009

what is the male version of “mistress?”  is there such a word?  i guess “manstress.”  in any event…

my little cottage lovah-on-the-side took a 10 grand drop in price, now making it a serious contender.DSCF0789

back entry of little cottage/bungalow

back entry of little cottage/bungalow



my ♥ still belongs to my green, slanty, overgrown love that is probably dangerously too close to powerlines and has the little issue of rotted wood and mold in the middle panel of the greenhouse.  and oh yah, no fridge in the kitchen (nor room for one.)  i can’t help it.  the character in this house appeals to me.  (not to mention its close proximity to a liquor grocery store, thrift store/gas station/hospital (ya never know)/and work. 

the trouble-making middle panel greenhouse wall

the trouble-making middle panel greenhouse wall

posting could be light around here for a little while.  i’ve got to figure out a life plan and let’s face it, that could take some time.  it’s been 49 years and i still haven’t knocked out a life plan.  i’m on the lookout for an extra way to earn some moulah, all the while trying to get these real estate people to agree to a 203K mortgage loan.  i’ll be back if something earth-shattering happens, but i don’t believe i’ve written anything earth-shattering to date.

in other non-related, non-earth-shattering news, i heard “mad men” is coming back with its new season august 16th (thank you, lorraine.)   oh thank heavens!  talk about wanting a “manstress.”don in hat_editedcall me.


i’m twelve.

8 05 2009


‘cuz that street name cracks me up. 

i pretty much accepted the counter offer the bank offered me on the house i’ve been trying to buy, only i asked they repair a wall.  one little itty bitty stinkin’ piece of a wall.  and if by some chance i happen to get this house after ALL THE HOUSE HUNTING i’ve been doing, well then, i’ll drive by that street sign every day.  and that’s just PERFECT.

doesn’t this patio just remind you of france?  or italy?  or some place where there’s overgrown ivy?  maybe it’s from my days at harvard i’m thinking of.   oh wait, i didn’t go to harvard.  and that’s why i live in the ghetto.  oh yah, that’s right.   DSCF0574

i ventured back to the house today to see if i really liked it.  and i just kinda do.  it suits me.  not overly big.  not overly pretty.  kind of goldilocks-just-right.  at a decent price.  in the crème de la crème of neighborhoods.  DSCF0579seriously, though, it’s a jungle back there.  i will definitely be throwing a “bring-your-own-machete” party.DSCF0576this is a random tulip behind the garage.  i’m a sucker for a tulip.  especially a random tulip.

brick wall

21 04 2009

dscf05101i’ve come up against a brick wall trying to increase the amount of money i qualify for when it comes to a mortgage.  in the meantime, my little dream house dropped its price AGAIN.  i’m so close.  so close.  quite frankly, i’m not sure why this little gem of a home hasn’t been scooped up yet.  meeting with a new mortgage dude later on this week.  maybe he’ll be so dazzled and mesmorized with me, he’ll just accidentally throw money my way and have no idea why.

ha.  good one. 

(this is the white painted brick chimney in the kitchen in the house i don’t own.  love it.)

deja vu all over again

9 04 2009

so – again – another unexpected day off from work.  and this one really, truly was unexpected.  i thought i had a couple massages previously booked, but oh well, apparently i don’t anymore. 

and so, what does a reasonable, level-headed gal do when she’s not earning any money?  she puts an offer in on a non-level house with 2 stoves and no fridge in the kitchen (there is a fridge in the basement.  convenient.)   yup, re-looked at a house today, and i dunno, the sun was shining, the outdoor patio was warm and cozy, the floors didn’t seem as slanty and uneven to me.  i fell in love with it. out of all the zillion houses i’ve looked at, this one is the cleanest and nicest smelling.  and the ‘hood is definitely the safest and nicest.  i’d almost venture to say i’m not worthy of the ‘hood , but OF COURSE i’m worthy of the ‘hood.  i’ll bring a je ne sais quoi to this side of town.  this house is the classic scenario of “worst house in the best neighborhood.”  and i’m sure the neighbors are shakin’ in their boots.

here’s a preview of the house i don’t own yet.  obviously i will need a sickle.  and a rake.  i give you – the backyard:

part of the backyard.  many, many levels.  with many, many weeds.

part of the backyard. many, many levels. with many, many weeds.

view from the patio of the greenhouse.  ok, that just makes me laugh.  my 5 plants will be so excited.  a room of their own!!!

greenhouse, view from backyard patio

greenhouse, view from backyard patio

inside the greenhouse.  martha would be proud.

inside the greenhouse. martha would be proud.

here’s that other thing that makes me laugh.  the kitchen with 2 stoves.  i can heat up 8 varieties of soup ALL AT ONCE, PEOPLE. impressed?

2 stoves in the kitchen

2 stoves in the kitchen

and floors in the living room (ok, they’re not perfect, but they’re LOADED with charm:)

living room floor

living room floor

my camera battery died shortly thereafter.   

one last pic of the harry potter closet beneath the stairway (i have no idea what that means since i haven’t read any harry potter books, but my real estate agent pointed out this fact, so that’s what i’m calling it, the harry potter closet.)

harry potter closet beneath the staircase

harry potter closet beneath the staircase

despite my new found love for this quirky, crooked house, the offer i put in was relatively low – chances are it won’t be mine.  my only hope is another person or family won’t be thrilled with this house’s seeming drawbacks.  like, zero front yard.  the house literally sits right on the road.  but it’s not on a highway, so who cares?  no front yard means no mowing.  and the garage (2-car, btw) is on a whole ‘nuther street (up all the many, many, MANY levels of the backyard.)  i choose to look at this as a great quad and butt workout.  this house appeals to me ‘cuz it’s so different.  who wants a garage right by your house?  who wants a fridge in the kitchen?  that’s so OBVIOUS.  am i right?  huh?  huh?  am i?

let us pray.

10 02 2009

everyone.  please.  bow your heads. 

an offer has officially been placed on the craftsman house.  dscf0374                                     somebody out there in the bank committee/foreclosure land, please just accept my offer and let me get on with making this thing a beauty.  (this is the basement door…..i prefer to look at it as shabby chic rather than wickedly peeling paint.)

miss me?

9 02 2009

i’ve been busy trying to buy this house:dscf0372


good, right?  ok, so it has vinyl or aluminum or whatever siding.  something i’d rather not have, but it’s got everything else i desire in a home, except for a cute handyman.  but i digress.  has the fireplace, has the 1.5 bathrooms, has a dining room (because i’m such a formal dining room kinda gal, yah right,) has the garage.dscf0376


pay no mind to that toppled over fence.  a few nails and a glue gun can fix that, right?   *bonus*  i can practice my hook shot .  also has an AWESOME front porch from which to sip margaritas in the summertime.  dscf0373                                                  speaking of margaritas, found this vintage reamer in perfecto condition at goodwill for 2 bucks.  and she’s pretty.  it’ll make for some fine fresh lime juice squeezing for the perfect margaritas…dscf03711
front door with “letters” slot, LOVE.dscf0377   
putting offer in tomorrow.  fingers crossed, people, fingers crossed.                                                                                    


31 01 2009

looked at the cutest (ok, well, potentially cutest) bungalow yesterday.  again, i’m drawn to the doorknobs.  dscf03601dscf03651


the kitchen – she could use a little help.  dscf03631                                                                            but at least it’s bright in there.  it’s bright in the whole house, really.  great windows.  good flow.  and a walk-up attic.  with plenty of storage.  she’s got all the elements i’m looking for in a house.  i think i’ll buy it. 

snagged a mid-century bureau in pretty decent shape for 35 clams as well.  it’ll look great in my new house rather than sitting right smack dab in my kitchen, as it is now.  dscf03671