ugly stepsister

23 09 2009

back in february i picked up a little white arabia finel measuring cup/saucepan thingie while out thrifting.  in pretty darn pristine condition.  i would venture to guess never been used.DSCF3065

the other day i felt obligated to pick up its ugly stepsister, found at the bottom of a utensil bin at goodwill.  looks like she’s been rode hard and put away wet.  used and abused and left on the side of the road.  abandoned.  but she hung in there.   and now she’s in a loving home where someone appreciates her character.




gawd, this is the stupidest post ever. 


i’d post a couple arabia plates i’ve found but one of  them is packed up in storage.  here’s a tiny decorative wall plate:DSCF3059


i still have visions of owning a home someday and having a plate wall similar to this

and since today’s post is about arabia, i suppose i can show a photo of the ubiquitous mushroom bowl from arabia finel. DSCF0650_edited 

does fall make you boring?  cuz i feel like i’ve suddenly become boring. 

some of you are probably thinking, “suddenly?”