bad gift shops

25 09 2009

sometimes when you are inundated with amazing images of scandinavian apartments and houses, and you live in the united states where there are ticky tacky gift shops peppered throughout all the towns across the country, you forget maybe there are similar tacky gift stores say, in denmark.  because we don’t have that image of denmark here.  everything seems perfect and oh-so-stylish and comfortable and cozy and bright and cool. 

again – i have more danish candle holders than i know what to do with, but i’ll buy ’em when i see ’em.  and i got a little excited when i saw these miniature 7″ white candle holders.  sure, they’re a little scuffed, but no big deal.



and then they rolled in the box.


mmm.  hand painted roses on danish candle holders. 

aw heck.  bought ’em anyway.

cuz that’s how i roll.