so much to discuss…

22 09 2009

…and yet so little of significance. 

first, ricky gervais.  i cannot begin to tell you how much i love a funny man.  emmys 2009?  ya see him?  click here (bonus – jon stewart is also in the clip.)  ricky gervais has a new movie coming out – “the invention of lying” – i have a feeling i’ll be there opening day (october 2nd) for the first showing. 

oprah.  monday’s show.  a 60s inspired retro show.  oprah looked fabulous.  especially her hair. the audience was all decked out in 60s garb as well.  the show itself was so-so, but the mad men segment was worth it.  

letterman.  obama.   good stuff.  the heart shaped potato?  i was dyin’. 

organic made-from-scratch spanish rice.  made by me.  no lie.  DSCF3038


on a rice cracker.  somehow “rice crackers as utensils” just doesn’t have the same flow to it as “chips as utensils.”  and besides, it’s rice overload.  rice on rice.  that’s too much rice.       DSCF3041


and so i give you spanish rice on a chip:DSCF3042

and i continue to bring yet even more sexy in the brown fall boots.  another low-heeled version.  this time from privo.DSCF3052



and a crafty mini quilt all framed:



and goodbye summer.  i can’t bear it.  hello fall. 

and what better to go with that spanish rice than a margarita in a gold wheat glass on a vintage red leaf plastic coaster?  is the wheat glass fall-ish?  i say it’s harvesty.  and harvesty = fall.  fall harvest.  and that’s about all the enthusiasm i can muster to welcome launch the fall season.DSCF3056


delete button

5 09 2009

oops.  i accidentally deleted a post the other day.  the gist of the story was a friend and i were out to dinner and a stranger bought us drinks and we were gobsmacked.

the post also showed my latest crafting efforts.  i must repost photos to keep myself motivated.  DSCF0987




pay no mind.


31 08 2009


did i mention something about heat in my last post?  cuz i’m hear to tell you, the heat is LONG gone, and chilly temps have settled in. like, sweater weather and fleece socks temps.  and i don’t like it one bit.  too soon.  much too soon.  i will say this week looks promising as far as sunny skies and comfortable temps returning, but i think i’m going to miss the heat. 

yes, i finished that little craft project i started.  it hardly took any time at all.  i’m not quite satisfied with its visual punch.  but at least it got my feet wet again with the crafting and creative side of my life.  DSCF0971


the idea i totally copied inspiration:DSCF0968

(from the crafts design book, beaudette smith)

obviously i was going for a much simpler version.  if you picture this hanging in a little white cottage, with white walls and white painted floors and all my fabulous vintage danish/swedish/norwegian finds, i think it’ll pass as high art.  in my little brain it does.DSCF0983_editedhere it sits nestled amongst one of several piles of art that i can’t hang on my walls due to landlord law.

oh, the house hunt drama.  alas, the cottage won’t be mine.  i got outbid.  and then those buyers backed out.  and so i re-bid.  but got outbid again.  what’s new?  but will the original dream house now become a contender once again?  it’s a serious game of cheap house ping-pong.  and i’m getting pinged and ponged all over the place.

(long distance bday wishes going out to midwest jen celebrating her birthday in bed with a good book and bad tv.  that’s just sad.  it’s a monday birthday and monday birthdays are the worst.)

snackin’ and craftin’

26 08 2009

i’ve pretty much taken up permanent residence on my porch in these waning days of summer doing the exact same thing every day.  snacking and crafting.  my apartment has become unbearably hot and it’s the only place i can find relief.  picked up a vintage craft book several weeks (months?) ago and it has re-ignited a fire in me that has been long been extinguished.  like, for 2 years.  and that’s kind of sad, really.  so i’m diving in again with felt and embroidery.DSCF0961

oh, it’s a good book (aside from the smell.  and even though it’s been outside on my porch for weeks, the smell hangs tough.)  anyway, it’s full of beautiful artwork with loads of inspiration.  and a slant toward scandinavian design, of which i’m a big fan.  i mean, take that cover.  i LOVE it. 

i wish i was an artist.  like, a REAL artist.  one who thinks up stuff inside her head.  and then makes a plan.  and then executes it.  me?  i can only really copy stuff.  which i suppose is the case for a great majority of people.  and therefore i fall into the category of copy-crafter.  or fake artist.  fake crafter.  but i do enjoy the meditative quality of it.  and the messiness of it all.  and it gets MESSY.  there are random strands of embroidery floss and felt scraps ALL OVER the place.  and i love it. 

DSCF0955how funny is this tray?  little retro number featuring the classic snack of bread and sliced green peppers and raw eggs.  yum.

DSCF0957this is more like it.  kettle chips, fruit/nut mix and a refreshing iced coffee with sweetener.  and by sweetener i mean, well, i think you all know what i mean.  one would think the coffee would make me all jittery and unable to be the expert crafting stitching queen i am, but not so.  DSCF0960alright, maybe the stiches are not exactly perfect, but from a distance….”masterpiece” comes to mind. 

i’m hopeful posting this masterpiece preview will actually provoke me to finish it.  but don’t hold your breath. 

in other nonrelated non-snacking and non-crafting news, yes, i continue to look for a house.  and no, it’s not looking good.  my dream house came and went AGAIN and i was fine with it.  i didn’t get all emotionally involved like i did the first time around.  and i tried for the back-up lovah, but as it stands now, that ain’t looking good either. 

and so i craft.  to keep my mind occupied and away from the agony that is searching for a dream house on a broke-ass budget.

in honor of fall…

9 10 2008

an oldie but goodie.