so much to discuss…

22 09 2009

…and yet so little of significance. 

first, ricky gervais.  i cannot begin to tell you how much i love a funny man.  emmys 2009?  ya see him?  click here (bonus – jon stewart is also in the clip.)  ricky gervais has a new movie coming out – “the invention of lying” – i have a feeling i’ll be there opening day (october 2nd) for the first showing. 

oprah.  monday’s show.  a 60s inspired retro show.  oprah looked fabulous.  especially her hair. the audience was all decked out in 60s garb as well.  the show itself was so-so, but the mad men segment was worth it.  

letterman.  obama.   good stuff.  the heart shaped potato?  i was dyin’. 

organic made-from-scratch spanish rice.  made by me.  no lie.  DSCF3038


on a rice cracker.  somehow “rice crackers as utensils” just doesn’t have the same flow to it as “chips as utensils.”  and besides, it’s rice overload.  rice on rice.  that’s too much rice.       DSCF3041


and so i give you spanish rice on a chip:DSCF3042

and i continue to bring yet even more sexy in the brown fall boots.  another low-heeled version.  this time from privo.DSCF3052



and a crafty mini quilt all framed:



and goodbye summer.  i can’t bear it.  hello fall. 

and what better to go with that spanish rice than a margarita in a gold wheat glass on a vintage red leaf plastic coaster?  is the wheat glass fall-ish?  i say it’s harvesty.  and harvesty = fall.  fall harvest.  and that’s about all the enthusiasm i can muster to welcome launch the fall season.DSCF3056



12 09 2009

rice noodles, assorted fresh veggies, peanut butter and soy sauce (wheat-free organic tamari) dressing with cayenne pepper:



on a chip:


ceiling update

16 02 2009

or should i say, “lack of ceiling update?”dscf0393

landlord came in last night while i was at work to do some investigating.  he thinks he’s got the problem fixed.  so far, so good today.  i haven’t needed the galoshes.  nor the umbrella.

i still managed to crank out some allergy-free blueberry muffins in my peek-a-boo ceiling kitchen.  dscf0390


ho-hum post today, but i’m WIPED OUT from a busy holiday weekend of work and that’s all i can muster.  zzzzzzzzz.

skinny mashed potatoes

11 11 2008

i’ve never made mashed potatoes.  like, ever.  maybe, maybe there was one year back in ’89 when a thanksgiving meal was cooked, and maybe, maybe i cooked some mashed potatoes.  but i can’t be sure it was me who cooked the potatoes.  yesterday i found a recipe for “skinny mashed potatoes” and so i printed out the recipe.  and basically it’s this (quick, grab a pen and paper):  chicken stock and potatoes.  and some pepper.  i opted for organic vegetable stock and red potatoes.  so today i made some and i can’t believe how UNBELIEVABLY simple it was.  easier than that ginger simple syrup (see yesterday’s post,) fo’ sho’.  i heart mashed potatoes.  here’s a pic of the potatoes cooking in another amazing enamel pot (from austria) i found at goodwill.  my cookware is so style-y.  dscf0168