owie (ow-wii)

12 01 2009

had lunch with rachel today, rachel-who-loves-all-things-horses rachel.  finally unloaded an extremely high art mini quilt i made for her YEARS ago.  if you knew rachel like i know rachel, the resemblance is quite uncanny.  especially the mouth.mini-quilt-for-rachel_edited1


lunch was edamame, sushi and hot sake.  rach opted for the mangotini.dscf0300_edited1

after lunch i made rachel teach me this “wii” thing so i could remain current with seemingly EVERYONE who is wii bowling.  and so i wii bowled.  i wii tennised.  i wii golfed.  i wii baseballed.  i am very (vewii) sore.  my body is KILLING me, and by body, i mean ass.  thankfully, rachel also owns a shiatsu heated massage chair pad which i sat against for 40+ minutes.   did wonders for the back, nothing for the backside.  oh tomorrow.  i fear for my hind quarters tomorrow.

anyone catch my boyfriend, ricky gervais, presenting at the golden globes last night?  he is the funniest man on the planet.  and he was robbed, robbed i say, in not getting more accolades for his movie “ghost town,” my fav movie of 2008.  catch him here.   i love seeing kate capshaw laughing her brains out.  and brad pitt’s duh-face speaks volumes.  what an idiot.


end of work week, phew.

19 10 2008

i do love my sunday nights.  and not just because it’s “mad men” night.  but because it’s my “friday.”  that oh-so-good, peace-of-mind, relaxed state my body transforms into.  and i won’t post a photo of don draper again, ok, maybe i will.  but in addition, here’s a photo of another gooseneck lamp to pay homage to the show where the gooseneck lamp is KING.

   "You haven't seen Kim around, have you?"“You haven’t seen Kim around, have you?”


and funny thing, i DID buy a powerball ticket and won 12 bucks.  won’t get me my dream house, but it’s a start.