hot summer afternoon

29 07 2009


quick post in anticipation of mad men’s season 3 premiere coming soon.  fun, old  mad-men-esque glass (i’ve never seen this pattern before) holding a refreshing margarita and kitsch souvenir florida tray and coaster holding snacks.  perfect hot summer afternoon snack party tray to enjoy on the porch reading a book.  DSCF0875

yes, sometimes i even read books.


yah, whatever.

26 05 2009

yah, i’m still here.  but the wind is out of my sails, the air is out of my balloon, i’m defeated, i’m deflated, i’m losing the fight to find myself a dream dump house.   today i drove by a very cheap bungalow that is beyond adorable and would look great beachside.  unfortunately, it’s nestled in amongst another not-so-great neighborhood and i can’t bring myself to make a lateral move.  unsafe to unsafe.  i’ve spent countless hours online trying to find something….it’s just not there right now.  DSCF0615

i don’t even feel like thrifting (i know!) but did manage to pick up this little gem for 99¢.  a mini handmade pottery ashtray, signed on the back.  i’m guessing that’s a llama (signature appears to be spanish.)  or a dog?  either way, it’s cute as heck.  makes me want to take up smoking.  but i’ll just stick to the cocktail.  tonight i’m multi-cultural.  drinking my favorite mexican libation in a vintage french glass.  DSCF0617

and while i’m in complain-mood…is this the coldest may on record?  i’d like to place a wager, please.  ’cause i’m still wearing fleece.  like,  fleece on fleece.  with fleece socks.  and that ain’t cool, man.  it’s almost JUNE.

sprucing up

28 04 2009
view from my back porch

view from my back porch

when you live in the ghetto, you become the ghetto.

i decided to spruce things up where i could, namely my back porch.dscf0545

i left my chairs and table out all winter long because, well, because i did.  nowhere to store them really.  and boy, have they faded.  dscf0546

i decided to restain the chairs and liven up the porch a little.  make it a little more cozy.  got some “fruit punch” stain, which i thought would be a little more pinkish, but kinda just came out red.  which is fine.  anything is better than faded dull grey.  dscf0550

bought a few flowers and even though i still live in the ghetto, my view is a little brighter.  and by brighter, i mean blocked.dscf0554dscf0549

only trouble is – i absolutely wrenched my back.  jacked it up BAD.  the sanding, the staining, the bending over, the bad body positioning.  and on top of this, i did a massage later on and that’s when the trouble started to set in.  i’m walking like a little old man and it ain’t pretty.  haven’t had a cocktail in over a week now, but decided it would be the best muscle relaxer, purely medicinal.  dscf0557

great view.