Outbid Rain

19 09 2009


this is my new indian name.  outbid rain.  it pretty much sums up 2009 precisely.  i have been outbid on so many houses i’ve lost count.  and let’s face it.  it was a record year for rainfall here in the northeast.  outbid rain.  i’m going to monogram some towels with the initials “OR.”

my house hopes have been dashed yet again.  i’m pretty sure i’m down for the count as far as getting that 8 grand tax rebate for first-time home buyers. 

but today is sunny.  so, “yay.” 

“drawing board, drawing board, where for art thou, drawing board?”



and ’til i get back to that dreaded drawing board, i’m bringing the sexy in my new low-heel mccabe børn fall boots.