18 09 2008

ford, sometimes you bring me down. really really down.  and then, ford, sometimes you can bring a little smile to my face.  as in this cute itty-bitty teeny tiny vintage drinking glass.  it was a toss-up at first.  i saw it while thrifting and immediately wanted to hurl it across the store and shatter it into a million pieces (due to the hit my bank account suffered from my ford’s recent trip to the ford doctor.)  but then again, it was 29¢ and there’s no need for angry outbursts in my fav thrift store.  and my evening cocktail always tastes a smidge bettah’ in an old enamel painted glass.  but to top it all off, i even netted (yet another) vintage cocktail shaker for $3.  just delightful. 


a handsome pair, huh?  ok well, not really, the glass is so short and the shaker is so tall, it’s oddly disproportionate, really. scratch that.  NOT a handsome pair, but 2 handsome bargains.                           

p.s. who’s jelly of my mauve countertop?